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World Cleanup Day: Saturday, September 18th

By: APG&E on Sep 14, 2021 10:58:00 AM

This Saturday is World Cleanup Day. It’s a goal that crosses borders and defies cultural differences as one of the largest civic movements of our time. This Saturday, if last year was any indication, over 11 million volunteers and 166 countries will come together to help create a cleaner and healthier planet. Below are just a few ways you and your family can get involved this year. 
cleanup day

  1. Start local. Seek out areas with unwanted trash in your local neighborhood or nearby nature spots, and mark their location using the TrashOut app. By just starting with one area, you can inspire others to get involved and really keep the cleanup effort going. 

  2. Start recycling. You can extend your cleanup efforts far behind just a single day when you invest in a recycling bin. Even if your neighborhood doesn’t collect recycling, most local schools and/or libraries will have recycling deposits available for the community to drop recyclables. Recycling bins are an affordable and simple way to start a good habit that will benefit the greater good. 

  3. Keep storm drains clear. The point of a storm drain is to gather run-off from rainwater to prevent flooding and keep that water in local waterways. Make sure trash and other debris are not stuck in the drain, clogging it and blocking the flow. To avoid future debris build-up, don’t blow leaves or lawn clippings into the street. Additionally, when you put your trash and recycling out for pickup, make sure your lids are on securely to prevent items from falling out. 

  4. Adopt A Spot. You can organize your own cleaning event with a neighborhood or friend group to help restore or improve an area within your community. You could fix old playground equipment, repaint an old basketball court, or even start a community garden. The ideas are endless. Plan your event and publicize it! Social media is a great way to connect community members and help spread the word for whatever cleanup effort you’re tackling. 

  5. Invest in a litter bag. Most of us are accustomed to reusable grocery bags now, and many use them for various reasons. I leave mine in my car so I never forget them! If you have some, designate one as your new litter bag. People are constantly dropping their trash on the ground, and it’s a huge problem and eyesore. It can be harmful to children, animals, and the rest of the environment. If you see some trash on the ground around your neighborhood, don’t assume someone else will take care of it. Keep a little bag in your car and be proactive in taking care of where you live!

Share your ideas with friends and family by using the #WorldCleanupDay tag. Most importantly, remember that it’s about more than just one day. You can help in various ways, multiple times a year, and make a massive impact on the ecosystem you in which you live. Learn more about joining the movement today!