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Electricity Company in Kingwood TX

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Find the Right Electricity Company in Kingwood, Texas

APG&E is a reputable electricity company in Kingwood, Texas. We offer affordable rates and plans for commercial and residential properties.

Known as a “Livable Forest,” Kingwood has over 500 acres of nature preserves, parks, and greenbelt trails great for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Kingwood is also bustling with retail, shopping, and plenty of dining options making it a fun and lively place to be. With so much life happening here, APG&E is proud to be a part of this community by providing electricity to residents.

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Learn About Following Energy Plans:

- Variable Rate Plan

Ideal for temporary living situations or short contracts, the variable-rate plan is flexible. The price of electricity can fluctuate from month to month and is affected by the cost of energy. Although rates can be higher, there are usually no cancellation fees or contracts.

- Fixed-Rate Plan

A popular plan, the fixed-rate plan keeps things simple because the energy price will remain the same for the duration of your contract. Your energy bill would then be based on how much electricity you use.

- Index Price Plan

The index price plan is the most complex. With this plan, your electricity rate is divided into two parts: a real-time market price for electricity, and a set amount added to each bill that is locked in and agreed upon at the start of the contract. While the added set amount is fixed, the price of electricity is based upon the actual market price and can save you money if the market price is low. However, this type of plan can leave you open to sharp market increases, which can make your bill go up.

For tips to save money on a monthly energy bill, visit the blog.

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Where You Live Matters

The TDSP company that works on upkeep and any necessary electrical work is predetermined based on the area. The specific energy company in Kingwood, Texas, and the quantity of work will affect your monthly energy bill. This is the reason your zip code is necessary when looking up plans since it helps to compare prices.

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Want to Switch to a Different Power Plan?

Always do your research on different electricity companies in Kingwood and the many energy plans. The more information you know, the better decision you can make. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact APG&E.

Switching plans is easy! Before signing up with a new provider, check your current contract to see when it ends or if there are early termination fees. Once your current plan is over, or you cancel it, sign up with your new provider. This can be done online. Texas energy companies usually run a complete credit check when you sign up

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Learn More About Residential Electricity. 

Choose A Reputable Kingwood Electricity Company 

APG&E brings years of industry expertise, and we strive to be a top energy company in the Kingwood area. For more information on our affordable plans, or if you have any questions, please contact our team or 1-877-LIGHT-57


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