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Electricity Company in Tomball TX

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Finding the Right Electricity Company in Tomball, Texas

APG&E is one of the great electricity companies in Tomball, Texas known for their quality services, If you are searching for an energy provider you can trust, follow along with APG&E to learn more. Named after Thomas Henry Ball, who helped develop the Port of Houston, Tomball is a city north of Houston that has maintained its small-town charm even though it continues to develop and grow.

The city hosts many award-winning festivals such as a Bluegrass Festival, Honky Tonk Chili Challenge, and a whole festival dedicated to crawfish – a Texan favorite. APG&E is proud to be part of this lively city by providing energy to the community and surrounding area.

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Top Electricity Plans You Need To Know About

If you are looking for an electricity company in Tomball, it's important to familiarize yourself with the top energy plans so that you are aware of how prices and costs work. 

1. Variable Rate Plan

Variable electricity means the rate can vary or fluctuate from month to month. The provider can change the price based on the specific parameters of the offer. This is a great choice if you’re leasing for a short period or don’t want to sign up for a long contract.


2. Fixed-Rate Plan

Fixed electricity means there is a set electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that will be constant throughout the contract. The amount of energy used will determine the energy bill, but there won’t be any electricity rate fluctuation. This straightforward plan is popular. If you are locked into this plan, then you may already know that the contractual agreement length may vary. Mostly all fixed-rate plans last about two years but again, they may vary. Early spring is the peak time to sign on to this type of plan because it is the time after winter and right before summer. This means rates are typically lower. Follow along with us to learn about the pros and cons of the fixed-rate plan!



3. Index Price Plan

The index electricity plan rate is composed of two different aspects that include the adder and the real-time market price. The adder is set and constant when you sign the contract. The rate on the bill is the adder along with the real-time market price of electricity. This plan is the most complex but can save money if you're on top of the market price.



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Switching Energy Companies in Tomball

It may be time to think about your energy provider and switch to one that better fits your needs. First, see if there are any early termination fees if you need to cancel your current contract. Call your provider to find this information. After you leave your current contract, then it’s time to look into other companies and do your research on plans and prices. Once you find the best fit for you and your lifestyle, it’s time to sign up. This can usually be done online. Texas energy companies do a complete credit check, so make sure you have the necessary information. Visit the electricity shopping site for more information on energy rates. Sign up with APG&E, today! At APG&E we do our best to provide affordable and flexible plans for the Tomball community. Reach out to our support team at or 1-877-LIGHT-57 if you have any questions or need assistance.

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