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Emergency Help With Electric Bills

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Emergency Help with Electricity Bills

"I need help paying my electricity bill and don't know what to do." If this thought ever came to mind and you are looking for assistance, then you are in the right place. Food, shelter, and water are the top three essentials in life that we all need in order to survive. But, today, electricity is a crucial part of the survival of people around the world. 

If you are struggling to pay for your utility bills, you may be stressed out and worried. Nevertheless, you can find help through prestigious organizations around the world. The organizations listed below provide bill payment assistance. Follow along with APGE to learn about these incredible and extremely helpful organizations. 

1. Nationwide Programs

Below you can find nationwide utility assistance programs when you need emergency help paying electric bills. These programs vary from religious organizations, community action agencies, to government programs all working towards helping those in need of assistance. The United States government provides LIHEAP, a program known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which exists to help families with light prices. Many other organizations offer help and assistance as well. Here are some of the best companies listed below:

2. Assistance Programs Available In Your State

- Texas

There is an assistance program in Texas that helps lower-income families understand the reason their light bills are high. They also provide supplies assistance with lowering overall costs. This is known as the Weatherization Assistance Program. It is no secret that State-sponsored programs are simply not the only option for people struggling to pay their energy bills. In fact, there are local counties that offer assistance with electricity bills.

They also provide assistance with other monthly expenses in the household. The counties that are listed below are the three counties that are the most populated in the state of Texas. In case your county not listed, you may wish to look on the internet for help paying your utility invoice. All you have to do is replace 'COUNTY' with your county's name. You may also wish to contact a local utility and ask about the assistance programs that they have available. 

- Ohio

The residents of Ohio have 2 assistance programs that will assist people in paying their heating and electricity bills. The 1st assistance program is a federally funded program known as HEAP. This program is administered by the state of Ohio to assist its citizens in paying their heating bills. 

Next, is the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus Program (PIPP Plus for short). This assistance program helps clients make smaller payments to help maintain utilities on and benefits on-time payments with the forgiveness of debts. Check out Ohio's Energy Assistance Programs.

- Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers programs to help customers pay bills. Pennsylvania has a Client Assistance Program that provides lower monthly bills and debt-forgiveness in exchange for a payment that is routine. The state also offers programs to assist with minimizing the use of and becoming more energy efficient to prevent higher future bills.

Visit this page to learn more about the PA Power Switch and read their manual. Learn how to apply for this program.

3. Options with Your Supplier

- Deferred Payment Plan

In the state of Texas, electric companies are capable of supplying their clients with payment plans to help spread out the cost of utility bills that they cannot afford. This will be extremely helpful under circumstances where you are unable to pay an unexpectedly high electricity bill and you need more time to pay it off. Ask your electricity company about this option and what they require in order for you to be eligible.

- Level Billing

Budget billing sometimes referred to as level billing is a program that uses the last twelve months of your utility bills to create a flat monthly bill. You'll be charged this flat monthly bill eacg month to help avoid any price spikes in those high usage months. In the state of Texas, the Retail Marketer may sometimes offer this option to you and in other states, Level Billing is offered by the utility company. 

- Pre-paid Electricity

Prepaid electricity plans may assist families in budgeting better. They may also stop you from using more energy than your pockets can afford. Many times, such programs are offered to clients facing credit challenges and can be a great opportunity for getting back on the right track.

4. Other Options

There's an abundance of programs that offer financial assistance and help. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services has an assistance search engine. Check out and look up everything you need help with. "Energy Bill Assistance" or "Utility Bill Help" are great starting points for anybody looking for help. Next time you are on the web searching "I need help paying my electricity bill," think about this website.

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