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Electricity Company in Humble TX

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Looking For an Electricity Company in Humble, Texas?

Are you searching for a reputable electricity company in Humble, Texas? You found one! If you are living in Humble and are seeking an energy company you can trust, look no further than APG&E. We are one of the leading electric companies in town!

Starting as an oil boomtown in the 20th century, Humble became the largest oilfield in Texas and still produces oil to this day. A growing city that still has a small-town feel, Humble provides amazing weather, outdoor spaces, and a safe community for all of its residences. Don’t miss out on attractions such as Old MacDonald’s Farm, Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, and even a French upscale dining experience at Chez Nous. APG&E is proud to be a part of a great city providing energy to the residents.

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Which Electricity Plan Works Best for Your Lifestyle?

The three most common plans you’ll usually find are below.

1. Fixed Electricity Plan

This plan means the electricity rate per kilowatt-hour is fixed and will be the same throughout the contract. The bill will be higher or lower based on usage, but you won’t have to worry about rates going up and down.


2. Variable Electricity Plan

This plan means the rate for electricity can go up and down month to month or can remain constant for many months at a time. The provider has the option of increasing or decreasing the rate based on the specifics of the offer.


3. Index Electricity Plan

This plan’s electricity rate breaks down into two parts – the adder, which is locked in when the contract is signed, and the real-time market price. The adder from the contract plus the real-time market price of electricity during the time of use will determine the rate on the bill. This plan can save money, but a spike in price can zero out any savings. For ways to save money on your monthly energy bill, check out our blog.

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What Area is Your Home Located?

Where you live determines the TDSP company that is assigned to the area. The TDSP company works on the wiring in the designated area and does any upkeep needed. The amount of work they do affects your monthly bill. This is why electricity providers request your zip code to compare prices. APG&E can provide rates for the Humble area. We can provide rates in the Humble area with our electricity shopping site. Make sure you know all of your options before you commit!

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Making the Switch is Easy!

If you’re in the market for an electricity company in Humble, Texas, or want to make a switch, there are a few things to do and keep in mind.

1. Revisit an existing contract

Look over your current contract to determine when it ends or if there are fees for early termination. If you can’t find this information, you can contact your provider, and they should be able to tell you.


2. Compare energy plans, rates, and Companies

Research is important to make sure you know all your options. Look at different rates, plans, and electricity companies in your area to see what works best for you. Things to look for are flexibility and affordability. APG&E can provide rates for the Humble area. Call us today for more information.


3. Make the Switch

Visit the company’s website, sign up online, and then you’re done! It’s required to run a credit check in Texas, so have the necessary information ready when they ask for it. The process of switching providers is pretty straightforward and easy to do. Sign up with APG&E, today!

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APG&E, one of the top electricity companies in Humble provides flexibility and affordability to its customers in the Humble area and is an energy company you can count on. Make the switch to APG&E, today!

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