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Electricity Company in Richmond TX

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Choose A Reputable Electricity Company in Richmond, Texas

Looking for one of the best electricity companies in Richmond, Texas? Stop your search! APG&E is the answer. As one of the leading energy providers in the city, our mission is to bring residents options they can afford!

A suburb of Houston, Richmond is located in Fort Bend County and was one of the first cities to be named during the Republic of Texas in 1837. Learn about the rich history at the Fort Bend Museum or take in the beautiful architecture of the courthouse and historic homes. Not far from Sugar Land and Houston, Richmond is a great place to live with plenty of things to do. APG&E has a history of providing reliable and flexible energy and will continue to strive to be a great electricity company in Richmond, Texas for businesses and residents in the area.

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Which electricity plan works best for your lifestyle?

Time to find out which plan works best for you. The three most common plans you’ll find are below.

1. Fixed Electricity Plan

There is a set electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that will be constant throughout the contract. You won’t have to worry about rates going up and down. The bill will be higher or lower based on usage, but the rate is fixed.


2. Variable Electricity Plan

The electricity rate can vary from month to month or remain constant for many months with this plan. A great option if you’re living somewhere temporarily.


3. Index Electricity Plan

This plan’s rate is made of two parts. The two components are added, which is locked in when the contract is signed, and the real-time market price. The adder from the contract plus the real-time market price of electricity during the time of use will determine the rate on the bill. This plan can save money, but a spike in price and zero out any savings.

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What area is your home located?

Where you live determines the TDSP company that is assigned to the area and your potential bill. This is why electricity providers request your zip code to compare prices. APG&E can provide rates for the Richmond area.

Its' easy to switch electric companies! Here's how:

If you’re in the market for an electricity company or want to make a switch, there are a few things to do and keep in mind.

1. Revisit an existing contract

See how long you have left on your current contract or if there are early termination fees. Find this information by contacting your provider or looking at your bill.

2. Compare power plans, rates, & companies

Now it’s time to do your research on plans and companies. The more you know, the better your decision will be for yourself. APG&E can provide rates for the Richmond area. Call us today for more information.

3. Make the Switch

After finding the best plan for you, switching is easy. This can be done directly on the website. They will run a credit check, so make sure to have all the necessary information.

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Providing flexible and affordable plans for any kind of lifestyle, APG&E is a reliable energy company for Richmond. Contact us if you have any questions. Contact our support team at or 1-877-LIGHT-57 for any questions or assistance. For more information about our reputable electricity company in Richmond, Texas, reach out to the team today.

low fixed rate & sign-up bonus!