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#1 Electricity Company in Spring, Texas

Just north of Houston, Spring is home to many attractions and receives a fair share of tourists exploring the city. Experience a history lesson when you go to Old Town Spring that pays tribute to the city’s history of starting as a railroad town. This area has plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants, and even ghost tours. Spend the day outdoors at Hurricane Harbor Splashtown or Spring Creek Greenway, the largest urban forested greenway in the country. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for you in Spring. APG&E is proud to provide Spring residents great energy rates and plans and straightforward solutions so that they can spend their time enjoying the city.  APG&E is the leading electricity company in Spring, Texas, check out our support page for any questions. 

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Which is the Ideal Electricity Plan for your lifestyle?  

Whether it’s your home or businesses, there’s a plan that will work for you, and APG&E is here to help you discover the best fit. There are many electricity plans to look through, but there are three common ones you’ll see.  

1. Variable Electricity Plan 

The variable electricity plan means the electricity rate per kilowatt-hour depends on the cost of energy for that current period. Your rate month to month can fluctuate or remain the same depending on the price of energy. This is a good plan for those needing more flexibility because this plan usually doesn’t involve contracts or cancellation fees.  


2. Fixed Electricity Plan 

The fixed electricity plan is the most straightforward and usually the most popular. When you sign up, there is a fixed electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that will remain the same throughout the entire term. You won’t have to worry about rates going up and down, and your bill is based on how much energy you use.  


3. Index Electricity Plan 

The index electricity plan has a few more factors compared to the other two. The electricity rate is determined by the adder, which is fixed when you sign the contract and the real-time market price. Your energy billed rate will be the fixed adder rate plus the cost of live electricity during the period. Depending on the market price, this plan can save you money, but a spike in price could negate any savings.  

Learn the many ways to save money on your monthly electric bill. For the latest power news, visit our blog.


Where you live, matters 

You have the option to pick the electricity provider you want, but where you live determines the TDSP company that does the upkeep and keeps the infrastructure working. TDSP will bill the amount of work they do to your provider, and then the energy provider will bill you. Many companies will ask for your zip code so that they can pull an accurate rate for the area. 

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Want to Switch Energy Providers? Here’s How: 

 1. Take a look at your current contract 

If you are on a current electricity plan, the first thing to do is find out whether or not you’re able to terminate the contract and if there are any fees. You should be able to find all of this information by calling your provider or by checking your monthly bill statement.  


 2. Research energy plans, rates, and companies 

One thing you should look for when researching for the best energy company is the affordability and flexibility they offer. Remember to think through how you use energy and how much you typically use to help pick the best plan. APG&E has a variety of great options for the Spring area and are here if you need more details or have questions.  

3. Sign up for your new plan 

After doing all the research and figuring out the best option for you, it’s finally time to make the switch to your new provider. Energy companies in Texas do a credit check when you sign up, so make sure you have your social security number ready.  Get more about energy on the electricity shopping guide. It's important to know your options before you commit.  

APG&E is a five-star electricity company in Spring, TX that offers residential, small business, & commercial energy plans to choose from.


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Why Your Electric Bill Is So High!


More heat means bigger electricity costs, and power bills in the state of Texas are recognized for being a little high. But they do not have to be. You can lower your monthly bill by turning off your A/C when you're not home, turning off the lights and fans. Power strips are another great way to prevent vampire appliances from creating large energy bills. It comes down to the smaller details that will inevitably play a major role in the monthly bill you receive. Choosing the best electricity in Spring, Texas will also play a part in what you pay.


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Things to do if you want to switch power companies:

 1. Revisit an existing contract 

If you're already with another provider, the first step is to determine how long you have left on the contract and if there are any cancellation policies. You can find all of this by looking at your bill or by contacting your provider. 


 2. Compare energy plans, rates, and companies 

Research and shop around for the best electricity plans and electricity companies in Spring, TX. Below are some of the rates in the Grand Prairie area that APG&E has to offer. 


 3. Making the switch 

Once you find the best plan that works for your lifestyle, it’s time to make the switch, which can usually be done directly on the website. Your new provider will not need to come to your house to set anything up.  

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You should feel confident when picking out an electricity plan, and with this guide and APG&E on your side, you’re well on your way! We are reliable, knowledgable, and straightforward, which makes us a great option for the Spring area. Contact us today if you have any questions or comments. 

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