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Billing Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:

You can pay using the following methods

  • You may pay online via MyAccount
  • You may use the Payment IVR, 1-877-544-4857. Press 2 after language selection. (You will need your 11 Digit APG&E Billing Account number)

  • You may mail your payment to:
    PO Box 660038
    Dallas, TX 75266-0038

Pay Online

You can pay your bill online through MyAccount.

For our Quick Pay option, click here or click the orange “Quick Pay” button at the top of this page. (On mobile devices, click the hamburger menu to find the Quick Pay button.) You will need your 11-digit APG&E Billing Account number to use Quick Pay.

Pay by Phone

To pay by phone using our Payment IVR system, please call 1-877-544-4857 and press 2 after selecting your language.

You will need your 11-digit APG&E Billing Account number.

When you are entering your payment amount, be sure to press the star key (*) to separate dollars and cents.
100*25 is $100.25
1235* is $1,235.00

Pay by Mail

  • If you are a Texas customer or are on dual bill you may mail your payment to:

       PO Box 660038
       Dallas, Texas 75266-0038

  • If you are located outside of Texas and do not receive your bills directly from APG&E please remit your payment to your local utility as normal. You will find where you should remit payment printed on your bill.

Pay in Person

  • To pay in person you may visit the local APG&E office at:

       6161 Savoy Drive, Ste 500
       Houston, TX 77036

       Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM CT 

  • Holidays may affect these hours (Pay anytime online at MyAccount or by automated phone at 1-877-544-4857)


You may set up AutoPay through MyAccount (preferred method) or by submitting an AutoPay Form to collections@apge.com.

  • Login to MyAccount
  • If you have One Customer Bill Package (One APG&E Billing Account Number)
    • Select the "PAYMENT" screen
    • Select "MANAGE AUTOPAY"

  • You will need a Payment Profile in order to set up AutoPay.

  • You can set up a Payment Profile using a Credit Card or a Bank Account.

  • You can then choose to have this profile set up as your Default for your AutoPay

  • If you have more than one Payment Profile you can easily select which profile you would like to use for AutoPay

  • You can add multiple payment profiles to manage your account.

When will my AutoPay be debited from my account?

AutoPay will charge your selected Payment Profile two (2) Business Days before your bill is due.

If your AutoPay fails on our first attempt, we will continue to try to debit until your due date.

I am set up on AutoPay. Why did I get a disconnect notice?

Was your autopay recently set up? It may have been set up too late for this billing cycle. AutoPay is debited two days before your due date. Please pay your outstanding balance and AutoPay will run as normal next billing cycle.

  • You can make a payment through MyAccountor use the Payment IVR to pay by phone. Call 1-877-544-4857 and press 2 for payment after language selection.

Have you been on AutoPay for a while? Your AutoPay most likely failed. Please confirm that you have the most up to date information on file by viewing your AutoPay profile through MyAccount. See the following question for more information.

I received a call/email from the APG&E collections team telling me that my AutoPay failed. How do I fix it?

The most common reasons that AutoPay fails are because your credit card is expired, frozen, or canceled, or the billing address associated with your credit card has changed. You can update your credit card information through MyAccount.

If your credit card is up to date, please reach out to your financial institution to determine what may be causing the issue. Please be sure to pay your bill via another method to avoid interruption of service.

How do I update my AutoPay information?

You can update your AutoPay information through MyAccount

Why is my bill higher than normal?

There are several factors that can cause an increase in your bill total:

Has the temperature been warmer or colder than normal?

  • Check your usage compared to this time last year. Is it the same, higher? Often we forget just how much electricity we actually use, especially when moving from a relatively pleasant month to one with more extreme temperatures.

Has your plan changed in some way?

  • The market is constantly changing and what your price was last year might not be the same as it is now. That does not mean it is a bad deal it just means that the economics have changed. 

Do you have an unusual charge on your bill that you are not familiar with?

  • Was there a meter install? (this is a straight pass-through from the utility)
  • Do you have a reconnect fee?

For a more detailed explanation of your charges please contact us.

Does APG&E Offer Budget Billing?

APG&E offers a form of budget billing called level billing to Residential and Small Commercial (Protected Class) customers in Texas. 

Level billing is based on your last 12 months of historical usage. The monthly payment is an estimate based on your previous usage and can be amended at any time at APG&E's sole discretion. Your account will be settled for over or under billing annually to ensure that the account stays current.

If you are interested in Budget Billing please reach out to us at customer@apge.com.

Can I change my payment due date?

We currently do not offer the ability to change your payment due date.

For those customer that are in Texas or Dual Billed you may use the Scheduled Payment feature in My Account to choose a date to schedule a payment each month. This must be scheduled each month (not reoccurring) and does not change the actual due date of the payment, but customers have found that this feature has helped them with their planning. Login to your My Account to Schedule a Payment. 

Can I sign up for email bills?

Send us an email or give us a call to update your preferences.

Late Fee

It can happen to us all at one time or another...

Late payments, delinquent or past due balances will result in a penalty equal to 5% of the month's past due amount. 

Can I change the date my meter is read?

The changing of meter read dates is typically reserved for larger commercial users and is not allowed for residential customers. This is at the discretion of the Local Distribution Company.

What happens when my current APG&E contract expires?

We hope that you decide to enter into another great fixed-rate contract with APG&E at the currently available rates.

Please note that when your contract expires, your service will not be terminated automatically. If you do not contact us to renew or cancel your service, your account will go into month-to-month status at the month-to-month variable rate in accordance with your terms of service.

Account Setup & Updates

Get Help

How do I sign up for MyAccount?

On the APG&E Website, click on “My Account” and then “My Account Setup.”

Enter the contact information you would like to use for your account, set and confirm a new password, and provide your billing account number.

Please call our customer service team at 1-877-544-4857 if you need assistance.

How do I update my account information?

Need to update something about your account?

Give us a call at 1-877-544-4857 or email us at customer@apge.com for assistance.

How can I get a quote for commercial or small business electricity services?

Need a quote for your business’s energy needs? We are here to help!

Please reach out to partnersupport@apge.com.

I still need help. How do I reach the APG&E team?

Can’t find what you need online? Our friendly customer experience agents are ready to help! Click here to contact us by phone or email.

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