Utility Telephone Numbers

How to report a power outage in your area

The responsibility of providing electricity to your home through the poles and wires lies with the TDSP (utility) company. In case of power outages resulting from a storm, power line maintenance, or similar reasons, please contact your utility to report the outage.


Utility Name Telephone Number
AEP 1.866.223.8508
AEP Web Link
Centerpoint Energy 1.800.332.7143
Centerpoint Web Link
Lubbock Power & Light 1.806.775.2509
LP&L Web Link
Oncor Electric Delivery (TXU) 1.888.313.4747
Oncor Web Link
Texas New Mexico Power 1.888.866.7456
TNMP Web Link



Utility Name Telephone Number
Baltimore Gas & Electric 1.800.685.0123
PEPCO 1.877.737.2662
Potomac Edison 1.888.544.4877


New Jersey

Utility Name Telephone Number
Atlantic City Electric 1.800.642.3780
Jersey Central Power & Light 1.800.662.3115
Public Service Electric & Gas 1.800.436.7734


New York

Utility Name Telephone Number
Baltimore Gas & Electric 1.800.527.2714
PEPCO 1.800.752.6633
Potomac Edison 1.877.434.4100



Utility Name Telephone Number
AEP Ohio/Columbus Southern 1.800.277.2177
Cleveland Electric Illuminating 1.800.589.3101
Dayton Power & Light 1.877.468.8243
Ohio Edison 1.800.633.4766
Toledo Edison 1.800.447.3333
Duke Energy 1.800.543.5599



Utility Name Telephone Number
Duquesne Light 1.888.393.7000
PECO 1.800.494.4000
PPL 1.800.342.5775 
West Penn Power 1.800.544.4877 
MetEd 1.888.544.4877


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