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 Energy Saving Tips

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    summer energy tips
     WINDOW TREATMENTS – When leaving your home, or in times of the day when the sun is at its hottest, pull your window treatments closed to block out warm rays. Your interior spaces will feel cooler and your air conditioner won’t work as hard.
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    summer energy tips
    CEILING FANS – Using a ceiling fan to move air around in your home instead of air conditioning can give a much needed break to your air conditioning. Save energy and cool your space down for less money with the use of oscillating room and ceiling fans.
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    summer energy tips
    TAKE COOLER AND SHORTER SHOWERS – Turn down the temperature of the hot water to save energy. Decrease the duration of how long you stay in the shower. Consider installing a tankless water heater to heat water only when needed.


How do I register to have an online account?
- Go to www.apge.com
- Click on "Create Your Online Account” in the
  upper right hand corner.
- Provide your email address. This will be your
  login username to use going forward.
- Type in the first 8 digits of your account
  number. This can be found on page 1
  of your bill.
- Type in your ESI ID. This can be found on the
   back of page of your bill.
- Provide the Validation data. This can be either
  the phone number listed on the account or
  the last 4 numbers of the Social Security
  number associated with the account.
- Create a password.
- Input your password a second time to verify it.
- Click on the "Register” button.
What information do I need to register for an online account?

You will need your email address, your account number (found on page 1 of your bill), your ESI ID (found on the back page of your bill).

If you are not the primary account holder, you will need to provide either the phone number listed on the account or the last 4 numbers of the Social Security number associated with the account for validation purposes. You will also need to create a password.

How do I set up paying my bills online?
- Login to www.apge.com
- Click on” Login to Your Account” on the top right of the home page screen. If you previously registered for an online account, type in your login and password, then press "Login”.
- You will be taken to a page that says "Welcome – Setup AutoPay” on the left side of the screen. In the middle of the page is "Auto Payments” with instructions on how to set up auto pay. You will need to create a payment profile in order to set this up. The prompt for this is in the text on this page.
- To create a payment profile, click on the link & then complete the information on this page. The Profile Name can be anything to help you identify the account, e.g., Susan’s Visa Account, etc.
- Then complete your name, address and credit card information and click "Submit”. You can register multiple accounts from this page by clicking on "Register” in the "Have another account to register?” section.
- This will take you to a screen that asks for your email, account number, ESI ID and other information to register another account.

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