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Electricity Company in Ingleside TX

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Find the Right Electricity Company in Ingleside, Texas

APG&E is one of the leading electricity companies in Ingleside, Texas. If you are looking for affordable rates and plans, look no further than APG&E.

Located right alongside Corpus Christi Bay, Ingleside is a charming, quaint coastal town that appeals to those who love the outdoors. The city hosts many outdoor parks, Whitney Lake where you can bird watch, and public boat ramps for boating and fishing activities. Other nearby attractions are the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens, Texas State Aquarium, and Asian Cultures Museum. There is plenty to see and do in this great city, and APG&E is happy to provide flexible and affordable energy plans to this community.

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Different Energy Plans

At APG&E, we offer a variety of flexible rates and plans that can cater to your lifestyle. Everyone has different needs, and there is a plan that will work best for you. Below are three of the most common plans explained:

1. Variable Rate Plan

A variable-rate plan means the amount you pay for electricity will fluctuate month to month and the price depends on the current market. There is potential to save money depending on the market price, but there is also a risk of prices increasing during different seasons, which means you will pay more.


2. Fixed-Rate Plan

A fixed-rate plan means the price you pay for energy will remain the same during your contract regardless of what is going on in the market. Your bill is based on how much energy you use with the fixed-rate applied. The downside of this plan is the possibility of paying more for energy if the market value for energy is down.


3.  Index Price Plan

Similar to a variable rate plan, an indexed price plan’s electricity rate will fluctuate from month to month. The main difference is there is a formula used to calculate the price that consists of the real-time market price for electricity, and a locked-in set amount that was agreed at the start of the contract. A “free nights and weekend plan” is an example of an index plan. For tips to save money on a monthly energy bill, visit the blog.

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Check Your Contract Status

Before signing up for a new plan, check your current contract to see when your term ends or if there are any cancellation fees if you choose to terminate early. If you can’t find this information, you can call your energy provider or look at your monthly bill.

Research and Compare

Take time to look up different energy companies and what they can provide. Texas has many options, so it’s best to research and compare. Things to look out for are flexibility in their plans and the details included in each type of plan. At APG&E, we offer a variety of energy options and helpful customer service agents to help you.

Signing Up

Signing up is easy and can usually be done online or through the phone. Texas energy companies do require to run a complete credit check when you sign up, so make sure you have IDs ready to present.

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Choose APG&E

At APG&E, we strive to be a top power company in Ingleside by providing value to our customers and great customer support. If you have questions or want more information, please visit or call 1-877-LIGHT-57.

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