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Activities To Do With The Kids This Summer

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Schools out for summer! Before the cries of boredom start, get your boredom busters lined up. Here’s a list of easy, low-cost activities the entire family can enjoy that will help limit the screen time.

Research free local festivals
Did someone say “strawberry festival”? Most towns have them, and if yours doesn’t, well, maybe it’s time to move. You can’t trust a town that doesn’t host a strawberry festival in June. Okay, we’re kidding. But we’re serious about checking out local craft fairs, music jamborees, or farm festivals. Instead of spending money at an expensive theme park, organize a weekend where you visit one or several of these events.   

Build Your Own Backyard games
From Giant Jenga to glow in the dark bowling, these DIY backyard games will keep the family entertained for hours. Many of these games can be brought indoors on rainy days, double win! 

Get a Little Arts and Crafty
Who doesn’t enjoy breaking out the scissors and glue? Arts and Crafts are perfect for helping build fine motor skills and are just plain fun! Try your hand at this simple kaleidoscope or even making your own sidewalk chalk. You can even take arts and crafts to the next level by creating your own "props" to put on a play!

Cook outside
You bought that grill for a reason, so use it. If you don’t have a grill, make a fire pit and roast some hot dogs. Better yet, roast some delicious ooey gooey smores. Cooking outside keeps your house cool and the AC bill low. Throw in some of those yard games you built, and you’ll create memories for a lifetime—something money can’t buy.

Take advantage of your local library
Your local library is a treasure trove of fun. Visit its website, and check out when they have story time, puppet shows, and art classes. Many libraries have special programs for teens, as well as grade-school kids and toddlers. 

Don’t forget that libraries also offer DVDs! Rent one for a low-cost family movie night. The public library is not only for the kids, but it also has plenty to offer you too. Did you know most libraries let cardholders check out audiobooks? Ask your library about their digital selection and catch up on summer reads during your commute.

Organize a family garage sale
A garage sale doesn’t typically scream fun, so turn it into a family affair. Get the kids to clean out their closets and rooms. Motivate them to sell some stuff by promising them the profits on their sales. It can be a great bonding time, and you’ll end up with less junk around the house. Even better, if the garage sale goes well, everyone will have extra money in their pockets! Remember to set aside some of your earnings toward your emergency fund. 

Host a lemonade stand
Now here’s the classic way to have fun, make money, and show your kids the value of hard work! Host a lemonade stand in your neighborhood, and let your kids manage it throughout the day! Plan out the details and gather your supplies a few days in advance to build the excitement. Make sure to teach your kids the value of giving, saving, and spending the profits they earn. We’ll drink to that—lemonade, that is. 

These are just a handful of ideas for how to enjoy your summer with the kids. Bottom line get out of the house and have some fun!

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