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From energy-saving tips and recipes to home maintenance advice, weather preparedness, and even topics for your family, we provide the resources you need to be in control of your energy consumption. No which supplier you are with, each of our posts is designed to help you understand how energy works, how to use energy efficiently, and how to make smart decisions related to energy usage. After all,  consumption strategies are an easy way to save!

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Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs For Your Home

LED light bulbs to help save on home energy costs. The low power consumption, high reliability, and long lifespan of LEDs allow for energy savings!

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Get Your Home Ready For Fall

APG&E Fall home maintenance checklist with tips to get your home ready for the Fall season.

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World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is almost here and we have some great ideas on how you can celebrate.

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Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Prices

Groceries, gas, everything seems to be increasing in cost including the the price of electricity. Be sure to sign up for a fixed rate soon, summer is...

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas- APG&E

Unique Valentines Day gifts for him and her. APG&E has a list of gifts that'll make your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, & friends feel loved

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What To Do With Old Appliances In Your Home

What to do with old appliances. Check out our list of ways to get rid of your old appliances. You may even be able to earn extra cash for your...

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