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How To Save Energy During the Big Game

By: Stephanie Rau on Jan 20, 2021 12:05:15 PM

Though it might feel a little bit different this year, football is still here for our enjoyment. In past years, energy consumption increased in the hours before the big game but there was lower consumption during the actual game. Many of us like to gather together to watch the game, which helps to reduce energy. We might even forego some of our Sunday chores so we don't miss a great play or the best commercial, which further reduces energy consumption. It is unknown if we will see the same dramatic decreases in energy consumption since many of us are watching on our own, but you can do your part to help save!


We have some easy tips for how to save energy while you are cheering on your favorite team (or watching the commercials).



Thermostat icon


Adjust your thermostat – Turn down the heat a few degrees, especially if you are all gathering in one area to watch the game. Between cheering and moving around (extra snack runs to the kitchen), you and your family will generate more heat. If you are still chilly, think about bundling up in your favorite team sweatshirt or blanket, or combine them for the ultimate comfort.



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Turn off lights and electronics – With the focus centered on the TV, check and make sure that you do not have any stray lights or electronics turned on in other rooms. 



crockpot icon


Keep the oven closed – Though it is tempting to keep checking on those snacks, each time you open the door, heat escapes forcing the oven to work harder to keep the correct temperature. Or better yet, instead of using the oven try snacks that you can cook in your crockpot or toaster oven; each uses significantly less energy than your regular oven.



dishwasher icon


Use the dishwasher – While game day can produce many dirty dishes by opting to use the dishwasher instead of hand washing, you save energy and water. Switch off your dishwasher’s heat-dry setting to save even more electricity.




No matter which team wins on game day you will win big with these energy savings tips!