Garbage or Treasures?

Take another look at your garbage, it doesn't have to be the end! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The average American generates about 4.48 pounds of trash per day or 1,635.2 pounds per year! Instead of filling up landfills how about we take a look at giving our garbage a second chance. We're celebrating #EarthMonth by reimagining how we recycle and improving the ways in which we do. We got a little help from our friends at Keep America Beautiful and have learned the best ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Milk Jug PlantsCan you imagine a plastic bottle becoming a pair of jeans or a steel food can that transforms into a bicycle. Can you see it? It is not just in your imagination, regular people are making incredible things happen. Levi's® started back in 2012/13 incorporating plastic bottles and food trays into certain lines of their jeans. 

Each day we have the choice to recycle or not. When we place our everyday items in the appropriate recycling bins, we’re “giving our garbage another life” – a chance at becoming something new and helping our environment at the same time.


Top 5 impacts of recycling

  1. Saves Energy & Resources. We use fewer natural resources such as trees, water, and minerals when we recycle. Plus, when you extract and process fewer raw materials, you save lots of energy.
  2. Reduces Landfills. Recycling means less waste, which cuts down on the need for landfills and incinerators.
  3. Prevents Pollution. Extracting and processing raw materials causes greenhouse gas emissions - recycling reduces this pollution.
  4. Gives Garbage New Life. When you recycle used items, you create something new (which is pretty cool). Check out these easy art projects for kids using recycled materials that you probably already have in your house.
  5. Creates Jobs. Growth in the recycling industry results in the creation of new jobs creation of new jobs throughout the country. 

#DidYouKnow that some items can travel through the recycling and manufacturing process and be back on store shelves in as little as 30 days!? Your aluminum can, water bottle, or cereal boxes can actually become many things in this amount of time. Check out the key steps that materials go through to become new products.

Have you ever questioned yourself after throwing something in the trash and thought, could I have recycled that? Learn how and what to recycle using the recycling explorer. You can also find your local recycling information for specific guidelines in your community that will have you on the fast track to becoming a recycling king! Or queen!

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