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Electricity Company in Decker Prairie TX

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Electricity Companies in Decker Prairie, Texas

APG&E is one of the greatest electricity companies in Decker Prairie, Texas. Are you looking for affordable rates and plans, look no further than APG&E.

Named after Isaac Decker, this community is located in Montgomery county. Mainly a residential area, the community has quick access to Tomball that provides great restaurants, retail and recreational activities. APG&E is proud to be part of this safe and kind community by offering great energy rates and plans.

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Which electricity plan works best for your lifestyle?

There’s a plan that will work for you, and APG&E is here to help you discover the best fit.

1. Variable Electricity Plan

The variable electricity plan means the electricity rate per kilowatt-hour depends on the cost of energy for that current period. Your rate month to month can fluctuate or remain the same depending on the price of energy. If you need more flexibility or are in a temporary living situation, this is a good plan.


2. Fixed Electricity Plan

The fixed electricity plan means there is a fixed electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that stays constant throughout the entire term. Your bill is based on the amount of energy used, and you don’t have to think about rates going up and down.


3. Index Electricity Plan

The index electricity plan is a little more complicated but is also a good option. The electricity rate is determined by the adder, which is fixed when you sign the contract and the real-time market price. Your energy bill rate will be the sum of these two components.

For tips to save money on a monthly energy bill, visit the blog.

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Want to switch? Here’s how:

1. Take a look at your current contract

If you currently have an electricity plan, find out whether or not you’re able to terminate the contract and if there are any fees. You can call your provider to find this information or by checking your monthly bill statement.

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2. Research energy plans, rates, and companies

Start researching different companies and plans in your area and think through how you use energy. Affordability and flexibility are two things to look for. APG&E has a variety of great options for the Conroe area.


3. Sign up for your new plan

Making the switch is easy and can be done online! Energy companies in Texas do a credit check when you sign up, so make sure you have the necessary information.

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You should feel confident when picking out an electricity plan, and APG&E is here to help. We are reliable and knowledgeable, which makes us a great option for the Decker Prairie area. Contact us today if you have any questions or comments or 1-877-LIGHT-57.  Visit our website to keep up with the latest news and tips with your favorite electricity company in Decker Prairie, Texas!


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