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One of the fastest-growing and largest neighborhoods in the Houston area, the city of Katy is home to over 24,000 residents alongside countless retail stores, restaurants, the Katy Mills Mall, and even Typhoon Texas, the newest water park in the Houston area! With the city growing bigger each day, the demand for affordable electricity in Katy is high. APG&E is a competitive residential electric company, small business energy provider, and commercial electricity company offering fixed-rate energy plans to customers in the greater Houston area and beyond.

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APG&E was founded in Houston in 2004 and has remained locally-owned and operated since. Our privately-held ownership allows us to stay nimble and deliver award-winning customer service with affordable and flexible fixed-rate plans for all our neighbors in the greater Houston area.

We offer competitive, fixed-rate residential energy plans, small business energy plans, and commercial energy plans to customers in Katy and beyond. If you’re interested in a commercial or residential plan, contact us at 1-877-LIGHT-57 or

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The Most Common Plan Types for Electricity in Katy

Everyone is looking for ways to save more money, so it’s important to understand the types of available energy plans and how they can impact your electricity rates and monthly energy bill. With hundreds of energy providers serving Katy and thousands of available plans, knowing the risks and benefits of each type of plan can empower you to make the right choice for your needs and lifestyle. 

1. Variable Rate Plans

The variable rate plan is flexible, which is ideal for short contracts or temporary living. The price of electricity can vary from month to month at the discretion of the energy supplier and is affected by the market cost of energy. Variable rate plans typically renew on a monthly basis without a long-term contract and have no cancellation fees.

2. Fixed-Rate Plans

The fixed-rate plan is a locked-in, unchanging energy price for the term of your contract. If you choose a 12-month offer, you will not have to worry about your energy rate for the next 12 months. Your bill may be higher or lower based on your usage, but the amount you pay per kilowatt-hour is fixed. 

APG&E primarily offers fixed-price plans. Their simplicity prevents billing surprises when energy prices rise, which is why we recommend these plans to our own family and friends. We work hard to provide competitive fixed rates and excellent customer service to the Katy community.

3. Indexed Rate or Wholesale Plans 

The index price plan is broken into two parts: a real-time market price for electricity, and a set amount added to each bill that is locked in and agreed upon at the start of the contract. While the added set amount is fixed, the price of electricity is based upon the actual market price and can save you money if the market price is low. However, this type of plan can leave you open to sharp market increases, which can make your bill go up.

Many Texas electricity customers enrolled in wholesale plans found themselves with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in energy bills following the February 2021 winter storm, when rates spiked and demand increased. A fixed-rate plan protects against these unforeseen and potentially devastating events.

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What is Katy's Average Electric Bill Cost?

The number of kilowatt hours used every month varies depending on weather and other factors, but according to the US Energy Information Administration, the average usage for Texas over the past year has been 1,148 kWh/month. As of August 2022, the average residential electricity rate in Katy was about 13.93¢/kWh. This means that the average electric bill cost in Katy, TX would be about $160 per month.

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 For almost two decades, APG&E has been proud to provide Katy and the greater Houston area with great affordability, quality customer support, and plentiful energy options. No matter where you live, APG&E has a plan that’s right for you. For any questions or to view our energy plans, please visit our support page.

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