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The Leading Electricity Company in Katy Offers Flexibility & Affordability


One of the fastest and largest neighborhoods in the Houston area - the city of Katy is home to a ton of retail stores, restaurants, the Katy Mills Mall, and even Typhoon Texas, the newest water park in Houston! With Katy growing bigger each day, the demand for affordability is high. APG&E is proud to provide the best electricity prices and plans for all Houstonians. As a top electricity company in Katy Texas, our mission is to make every process simple!


Is Your Electric Bill High? This Could Be Why!


With the constant heat, energy bills in Texas are known to be high, but it doesn’t have to be. Energy costs can be reduced by turning off your air conditioning when you aren’t home, as well as turning off all lights and fans. Using power strips effectively and consistently turning them off can also prevent ‘vampire’ appliances from creating a large energy bill. It’s the little things—but they definitely pay off in the end. Choose the leading electricity company in Katy, Texas to get the most out of your investment!


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The Common Energy Plans You Should Know About!


Everyone is looking for ways to save more money. So, it’s important to have a better understanding of the average monthly energy bill and the electricity rates in Texas. Every electricity company in Katy has different options and that may be a bit confusing. Thankfully, these options can be broken down into three main electricity plans: fixed-rate, index price, and variable-rate plan.


1. Variable Rate Plan


The variable rate plan is flexible, which is ideal for short contracts or temporary living. The price of electricity can vary from month to month and are affected by the cost of energy.


2. Fixed-Rate Plan


The fixed-rate plan is a locked-in, unchanging energy price for the term of your contract. Your energy bill is based on energy usage for the month. This plan is very popular. 


3. Index Price Plan


The index price plan is broken into two parts: a real-time market price for electricity, and a set amount added each bill that is locked in and agreed upon at the start of the contract. While the added set amount is fixed, the price of electricity is based upon actual market price and can save you money if the market price is low. However, this type of plan can leave you open to sharp market increases, which can make your bill go up.


APG&E, the top electricity company in Katy, TX,  offers residential, small business, and commercial energy plans for you to choose from. 

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What is Katy's Average Electric Bill Cost?

Are you wondering what the average power bill is in Katy, Texas? Well, the average rate in Katy was estimated at 11.98¢ per kWh. The average residential monthly power usage was 1,029 kWh. This means that the average bill came out to about $123. Related post: What's the average electric bill every month?

The Right Power Company for You!


As the leading electricity company in Katy, we have options that best suit your energy needs and your budget. For example, APG&E’s free nights and weekends helps you save money by providing you with a more affordable rate whenever you’re home. This plan can help reduce your energy bill and can provide peace of mind when you come home to relax.


For over a decade, APG&E is proud to provide the Houston area with great affordability, quality customer support, and plentiful energy options. No matter where you live, APG&E has a plan that’s right for you. For any questions or to simply view our energy plans, please visit our support page. For the top news, check out our blog.


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