Easy ideas for Halloween fun

Easy and fun Halloween ideas for the entire family.

Large parties and indoor haunted houses might still be iffy this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spook up some fun. There are many easy Halloween ideas that will keep you and your family entertained throughout October in addition to the traditional Trick or Treating.

Here are a few suggestions from the APG&E Team:

  • Make some slime. With very few ingredients and the ability to have mix-ins (glitter, toy bugs), slime is an easy and entertaining 5-minute craft.
  • Try a Halloween themed scavenger hunt. Depending on the weather, you can hunt indoors or out. Here is a free one you can print out and play!
  • Give your neighbors something to smile about and decorate your front door. Get the entire family involved in the decorating. You can even decorate and trick or treat inside with your little ones by placing a bowl of candy at each door. Try a different theme for each room. Check out our cool bat cave door on the right! This is great as you can trick or treat all month long. Try replacing candy with little toys or even healthier snacks.
  • Boo/Spook your neighbors and friends, by leaving them a Halloween surprise at their door.
  • Plan a Halloween movie marathon, complete with snacks! Some of the APG&E team's favorite movies are HalloweenHocus PocusThe Nightmare Before ChristmasDracula (1931)Beetlejuice, and The Shining.
  • Bake and decorate Halloween cookies, or try the slice and bake sugar cookies and get straight to the fun of decorating.
  • Have your very own Halloween costume competition. Create Halloween costumes with what you have available at home and then vote on your favorites. Let the creativity flow!
  • Decorate or carve pumpkins. In years past, we have had competitions at the APG&E office to decorate pumpkins! We are pretty creative too. Check out some of our past pumpkins for inspiration.



  • Try creating your own 3-D paper mask like the ones from Wintercroft. Word to the wise, depending on which template you purchase, be sure to start early as some of them can be challenging. Pictured below are masks crafted by APG&E employees over the years! Which one is your favorite?



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