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Save Energy On Your Pool

Your pool could be consuming more energy than you think. Check out these 8 tips on how to get your pool electricity cost and usage back on track.

Pool owners around the world are looking for ways to reduce pool electricity usage and costs. Follow along with APG&E for 8 easy steps to help make your pool more energy efficient.

We were surprised to discover that a pool pump is only second to your HVAC system as far as energy hogs go. In fact, your pool could be costing you as much as $560 a year. That summer oasis that we all love could in fact be giving you quite the burn. 


  1. Use the smallest, most energy efficient pump for your pool size.

    Use a smaller more energy efficient pump to improve pool electricity usage and costs. A 0.75 horsepower or smaller pump is generally sufficient for residential pools. Consider an ENERGY STAR rated pool pump as these have been vetted for their efficiency and use up to 65% less energy. 

  2. Pool pumps often run longer than necessary. suggests reducing your filtration time to 6 hours per day. You can then adjust down or up in half hour increments to make sure that you are running your pump the least amount of time possible while maintaining a clean pool. This may take some patience until you find the right mix for your particular environment.

  3. Install and use larger pool filters.

    Installing larger pool filters helps reduce the strain on the pump as the water flows over an increased area. 

  4. Use a timer for shorter pumping cycles

    Using a timer to set up several shorter cycles of pumping could also be more efficient. Instead of running continuously all day it would run several short cycles throughout the day to keep the pool clean and debris free. 

  5. Take a look at the plumbing going to the pool.

    Are the pipes right sized or too narrow for the pump? Do they take unnecessary turns? Free flowing pipes (curves rather than taking sharp turns) will help reduce the strain on your pump as well.

  6. Clog and debris-free drains

    Make sure you are keeping your drains free of clogs and debris which can make the pool pump work harder.

  7. Consider using a robotic pool cleaner

    A robotic pool cleaner is powered by low voltage electricity not your pool pump allowing it to use a fraction of the electricity. This little robot will clean all around your pool and comes in a variety of price points.

  8. Invest in LED to save on electricity

    LED lights are not just for your house, consider them for the pool. For the area around the pool consider solar lighting. LED lighting will also play a role in improving the pools electricity usage and overall costs.

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