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Whether you’re moving to Fort Worth or simply looking for ways to lower your electric bill, making the switch can be simple. While it’s great to have dozens of energy companies, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Luckily there is a plan out there for everyone!

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Most Fort Worth residents can choose their retail electric provider, but with so many providers and rates, how will you truly know that you’re getting the best deal in one of the fastest-growing cities? Finding an energy company doesn’t have to be stressful. To better understand the many energy plans and simplify your shopping experience, here are some key elements to consider when navigating electricity rates in Fort Worth, TX.

In Which Area of Service Do You Reside?

When it comes to finding the best electricity company in Fort Worth, the first step is to determine what service area you live in. It’s important to remember that providers don’t need to make a trip to your home and rewire the house when switching suppliers – Most Texans can change providers without a technician visiting their home. The reason for this is that companies that own the wires and poles in your service area are different from electricity companies. This company is known as a TDSP, and although you can choose your own supplier, the TDSP is based on the area in which you reside.

Your TDSP keeps the infrastructure working and up to date. They bill your electricity supplier for the labor they perform and in turn, your energy supplier will bill you. This charge means your area of service can have an impact on the overall electricity bill. This is why many energy companies request your ZIP Code so that you can see the different prices offered – it is to look up your area of service to determine the rates to show.

You can verify that the prices and rates you receive from electric suppliers are the correct ones for you when you know your service area. Texas offers a list to help find this information, but it can be time-consuming and daunting to wade through millions of rows to look up your address. Instead, simply enter your zip to look up the TDSP. Also, be sure to check out APG&E’s rates in the Fort Worth area with our electricity shopping site.

What Type of Fort Worth Electricity Plan is Right for You?

Next, let’s talk about plan types. What do all the different electricity plans mean and why does there seem to be so many? If you look through the industry jargon and detailed contracts, plans only actually fall into a few major categories. Here are the three main types you’re likely to see, the differences, and what they offer.

1. Fixed-Rate Plans 

The fixed price energy plan holds the same electricity price the entire period of the contract. By choosing the 12-month offer, you can lock in your energy rate for the entire 12 months. Although the energy bill may be lower or higher based on the actual usage, the rate per kilowatt-hour is fixed.

APG&E primarily offers fixed price plans. Their simplicity prevents billing surprises when energy prices rise, which is why we recommend these plans to our own family and friends. We work hard to provide competitive fixed rates and excellent customer service to the DFW area. Enroll or make the switch today.

2. Indexed Rate or Wholesale Plans

This plan can be more complex. The rate is broken into two different parts: the adder which is locked in at the time you sign the contract and then the real-time market price. The billed rate is the adder from the contract agreement and the live cost of electricity during the time it was used. This type of energy plan can definitely save you money, but there is still a real risk that the market price may rise. A short spike in price can defeat the savings you have seen up to that point.

Many Texas electricity customers enrolled in wholesale plans found themselves with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in energy bills following the February 2021 winter storm, when rates spiked and demand increased. A fixed-rate plan protects against these unforeseen and potentially devastating events.

3. Variable Rate Plans

In the variable plan, the rate may be different month to month or can remain the same for many months. The choice to change the price belongs to the provider and is based on specifics of the offer. This plan may be a great choice if your housing situation is temporary, and you do not want to opt for a long contract.

Look Out for Special Energy Offers

The electricity industry can be hectic and energy companies in Fort Worth are all doing their best to capture your attention. Companies will often offer gifts such as thermostats, bill credits, etc. to attract new buyers. While these offers seem appealing, it’s essential to look at the fine print. Typically, a gift like this can come at a high overall cost. If the energy contract that goes with the gift is high-priced, you may be spending a lot more than the cost of the “gift.”

So, make sure to compare the rates that come with a reward to the ones without one. You may come to learn that special offers typically end up costing you more money in the long run. APG&E always recommends keeping everything simple when you are searching for the top deals. If you are looking for a reputable electricity company in Fort Worth, look no further than APG&E. Our goal is to make the process of switching, easy and simple. Visit our support page for more information.


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