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Looking for Top-Rated Electricity Companies in Irving, Texas?


If you are looking for a reputable electricity company in Irving, Texas, you found one! Located inside the Dallas area, Irving, Texas sticks out from its neighbors! Not only is the principal city one of the most racially and ethnically diverse areas in the entire United States, but it is also the home to the largest equine sculpture on planet Earth and some of the lowest electricity prices in Texas. Electricity companies in Irving, TX like APG&E help make that possible by focusing on affordability and flexibility.

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Home, Business, or Commercial - There’s A Plan!


Whether you are looking for commercial, small business, or residential electricity plans, we’ve got something just for you! Residences and businesses use energy differently, as they are not the same. This means that you should have the right energy plan for your home and your business, even if they are different. APG&E has multiple types of energy plans that work not only for you, but your business and home as well. Learn more about the energy rates in Texas by checking out our website.


Effects of Energy Deregulation in Irving


With energy deregulation, energy in Irving is no longer carried out by a singular utility service. Now, more companies can offer more savings and promotions to customers than ever before. Electricity companies in Irving like APG&E, which are renowned for their affordable prices, flexibility, and outstanding customer service can now serve a wider variety of Texans while remaining a top energy provider.


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Knowing Your Energy Options 


Although electricity companies in Irving TX have a lot of different options that can sound scary, there’s no need to worry. Most power plans fall into three different categories: fixed-rate, index price, and variable-rate.


1. Variable Rate Plan


The variable rate plan is flexible, which is ideal for temporary living situations or short contracts. The price of electricity varies from month to month and are affected by the cost of energy. Although rates can be higher, there are usually no cancellation fees or contracts.


2. Fixed-Rate Plan


The fixed-rate plan is probably the simplest of the three plans. It’s a locked-in, unchanging energy price for the duration of your contract. For example, if you signed a contract for a year, then the price of energy would stay the same for the entire year. Your energy bill would then be based on how much electricity you use. This plan is a popular one.


3. Index Price Plan


The index price plan is the most complex. With this plan, your electricity rate is divided into two parts: a real-time market price for electricity, and a set amount added each bill that is locked in and agreed upon at the start of the contract. While the added set amount is fixed, the price of electricity is based upon actual market price and can save you money if the market price is low. However, this type of plan can leave you open to sharp market increases, which can make your bill go up.


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APG&E has been dedicated to serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, by providing the lowest prices and best service possible. We take pride in our plans, employees, and level of unmatched expertise. For any help or questions, please visit our support page


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