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Electricity Company in Plano TX

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Choose the Right Electricity Company in Plano, Texas

Finding the right electricity company in Plano, Texas can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be! APG&E is one of the leading companies in the entire city. The city of Plano has made a name for itself coming in as the ninth most populous city in Texas. With its great neighborhoods, thriving downtown life, and rising culinary scene, it's no surprise why many people have moved to this great city. Booming with businesses and being recognized for an amazing education system, Plano residents can live a high-quality life. If you love the outdoors, Plano is the place for you with plenty of parks throughout the area, endless bike trails, Texas-sized pools, and more! Plano is an energetic city, and APG&E is a top energy provider in the area that consumers can trust to power their lives.  


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What is the Best Electricity Plan for You?  

When you are searching for the leading electricity company in Plano, Texas, it's important to also familiarize yourself with the different plans out there. Electricity plans can get confusing, but below are the most common.    

  1. Variable Electricity Plan 

Variable electricity plans sound exactly what the name suggests where the rate can vary from month to month. The provider can change the price based on the specific parameters of the offer. This is a great choice if you’re leasing for a short period or don’t want to sign up for a long contract.  


2. Fixed Electricity Plan 

Fixed electricity plans mean there is a set electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that will be constant throughout the term. The energy bill will vary depending on usage, but no need to think about different rates per month. 


3. Index Electricity Plan 

Out of the three plans, the index electricity plan is the most complex. The rate is composed of two different aspects that include the adder, which is pre-determined and constant when you sign the contract, and the real-time market price. The rate on your bill will be the adder from the contract plus the real-time market price of electricity during the time of use. This plan can potentially save you money, but there is a risk of unforeseen raised prices. 

Are you ready to make the switch? Go with the top electricity company in Plano, Texas, APG&E. We have commercial, residential, and small business plans to choose from. Check out our FAQs page for more insight on questions you may have.

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What Area is Your Home Located in and Why Does this Matter? 

Let’s talk a little more about what you need to think about when choosing an electricity plan. You have the option to choose your electricity provider, but based on where you live determines the TDSP company that works on the wires and poles in your area. Depending on how much upkeep they have to do, they’ll bill the electric supplier, and then from there, you’ll get billed. Depending on the TDSP company, this can really affect your bill, which is why many electricity providers request your zip code to compare prices. APG&E can provide rates for the Plano area with our electricity shopping site. Know your options before committing.  

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Do you have questions about our energy plans, contact our electricity company in Plano, Texas, or visit the Support Page

3 Steps to Making the Switch: 

 1. Revisit an existing contract 

Make sure you know the details of your current contract. See how long you have left on it or if there are any cancellation fees if you terminate early. Find this information by contacting your provider or looking at your bill.   


 2. Compare energy plans, rates, and companies 

Next is to look around at different electricity plans, rates, and companies. Look for flexibility and affordability while you search. Here are some of the rates in the Plano area that APG&E has to offer. Call us today for more information.  


 3. Making the switch 

Once you find the best match for you, it’s time to switch over, which can usually be done directly on the website. The provider will need to do a credit check, so be prepared to give your information. Your new provider will not need to come to your house. If any rewiring or work needs to be done, the TDSP company will take care of this. 

Contact Our Team, Today.

We hope this guide has given you the confidence to find the best electricity option for you. Remember, with APG&E we listen to your needs and bring our industry expertise, which makes us a reliable choice for the Plano area. We always do our best to provide simple, easy to understand solutions that work best for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Our support team is available to help and can be reached at or 1-877-LIGHT-57.  

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