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Are you searching for a top electricity company in Lewisville, Texas? Stop your search! APG&E is one of the leading energy companies in the city. Situated in Denton County, Lewisville is a suburb in the DFW metroplex. Composed of a vibrant community, this city provides some of the best education, job opportunities, entertainment, and more! APG&E is proud to be a leading electricity company in Lewisville, Texas and to serve the community by providing flexible, affordable energy.

APG&E was founded in Texas in 2004 and has remained privately-owned since. This has allowed us to stay nimble and deliver award-winning customer service with plans that meet Texans’ needs.

APG&E offers residential, small business, and commercial electricity services with fixed-rate energy plans to customers in the greater Dallas-Forth Worth area and beyond. We are known for our affordable, flexible energy plans and outstanding customer service. If you’re interested in a commercial or residential plan, contact us at 1-877-LIGHT-57 or



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What Types of Plans are Available for Electricity in Lewisville?

Knowing which plan works best for you can be a little complicated, but below are the three most common ones that you should know about when you are searching for electricity plans for your commercial, residential, or small business property.

1. Variable Rate Plans

Variable electricity plans are flexible and great if you don’t want to sign up for a long lease or are living in a temporary situation. The price of electricity can vary from month to month or stay the same for many months.

2. Fixed-Rate Plans 

Fixed electricity plans mean there is a locked-in electricity rate per kilowatt-hour that will be the same throughout the signed contract. If you choose a 12-month offer, you will not have to worry about your energy rate for the next 12 months. Your bill may be higher or lower based on your usage, but the amount you pay per kilowatt-hour is fixed. 

APG&E primarily offers fixed-price plans. Their simplicity prevents billing surprises when energy prices rise, which is why we recommend these plans to our own family and friends. We work hard to provide competitive fixed rates and excellent customer service to the Katy community.

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3. Indexed Rate or Wholesale Plans

The index plan is a little more complicated than the first two. There are two parts to this plan, which include the real-time market price and the adder, which is pre-determined and will remain the same from when you sign the contract. If the market price is low, this can potentially save you money, but there’s always a risk for this price to be high.

Many Texas electricity customers enrolled in wholesale plans found themselves with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in energy bills following the February 2021 winter storm, when rates spiked and demand increased. A fixed-rate plan protects against these unforeseen and potentially devastating events.

Where Are You Located? This is Why it Matters...

Now that you know more about the different plans, here is something else you need to consider when looking for an energy provider. Where you live determines the TDSP company that works on the wires and poles in your area, and you do not get to choose this. The TDSP company will bill the electric supplier based on how much upkeep they had to do, and then it will get billed to you. This can affect your bill, which is why many electricity providers request your ZIP Code to compare prices. APG&E can provide rates for the Lewisville area with our electricity shopping site. Before committing, know all your options.


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Switch Electricity Providers Today! Here’s how:

1. Revisit an existing contract

Know where you stand with your current contract and whether or not you’re bound to it or if there are any cancellation policies. Contact your provider for this information.

2. Compare energy plans, rates, and companies

Texas is home to many energy companies, all with different prices and plans. Do your research to make sure you find the best one that works for your lifestyle. Find flexibility and affordability with APG&E!

3. Take Action!

Now all you have to do is sign up with your new provider! Energy companies in Texas do a credit check, so have your social security information on hand.


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With this guide and APG&E, you can have the confidence to choose the best plan for you. We provide simple solutions that are easy to understand for the Lewisville area. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a support team that is ready to help and can be reached at or 1-877-LIGHT-57.
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