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APG&E: A Texas Owned & Operated Energy Company

APG&E takes pride in serving the Lubbock community, delivering dependable energy at affordable rates. Our approach is simple and clear, ensuring you find the most suitable electricity plan and rate that fits your lifestyle.

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APG&E was founded in Texas in 2004 and has remained locally-owned and operated since. Our privately-held ownership allows us to stay nimble and deliver award-winning customer service with plans that meet Texans’ needs.

APG&E is a residential, small business, and commercial electricity provider with a variety of fixed-rate energy plans to meet each customer’s needs.

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The 3 Main Types of Electricity Plans 

1. Variable Rate Plans 

A variable-rate plan allows the price you pay for electricity to vary from month to month depending on the current market. This plan typically doesn’t involve contracts or cancellation fees, which provides flexibility that other plans can lack. You have the potential to save money if the price of electricity goes down, but there is always a risk of prices jumping unexpectedly. If you’re looking for flexibility and no contracts, this plan may be for you. This plan is also great for customers in short-term or temporary living situations.

2. Fixed-Rate Plans 

A fixed-rate plan locks in your electricity rate for the duration of your contract. No matter what the price is in the market, the amount you pay will stay consistent. This plan is good for those that don’t want to worry about fluctuation in prices. The main downside is that you could potentially pay more than the market value if energy prices go down. However, fixed-rate plans protect consumers from spikes in energy prices, which can lead to surprise bills that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars higher than typical. 

APG&E primarily offers fixed-price plans. Their simplicity prevents billing surprises when energy prices rise, which is why we recommend these plans to our own family and friends. We work hard to provide competitive fixed rates and excellent customer service to our customers.

3. Indexed Rate or Wholesale Plans

An indexed price plan is similar to a variable rate plan because your electricity rate can fluctuate. Your bill is composed of the real-time market price for electricity plus a set amount that was agreed upon at the start of the contract. An example of an index plan is a “free nights and weekends” plan. If you like to be heavily involved in your energy plan and stay on top of market trends, this plan may be a great option for you. However, sudden spikes in prices can leave you with bills high enough to cancel out any savings.

Many Texas electricity customers enrolled in wholesale plans found themselves with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in energy bills following the February 2021 winter storm, when rates spiked and demand increased. A fixed-rate plan protects against these unforeseen and potentially devastating events.

Switch to APG&E and Enjoy Uncomplicated, Dependable Electricity Service

At APG&E, we believe in providing straightforward and simple solutions that make your life easier. With the help of our fixed-rate plans and easy-to-use tools, you won’t have to spend time thinking about energy and can focus on the more important things in life.

Place of Residence Matters

The TDSP company that works on upkeep and any necessary electrical work is predetermined based on the area. The specific electricity company and the amount of work will affect your bill. This is why your ZIP Code is required when looking up plans because it helps to compare prices. Check out our electricity shopping site for more information on rates. Sign up with APG&E, today!


Thinking about changing electricity plans?

1. Check your energy contract status

Look to see what is outlined in your current energy contract before taking the next step. You may be able to terminate your plan without any fee. Check the status of your contract by calling your energy provider or looking at your monthly bill.

2. Research the various power companies and compare them

Researching is an important step to take to help you find what types of electric companies and plans are available in your city. Search for a company that is both flexible and affordable. At APG&E, we offer a variety of energy options and helpful customer service agents to help you.

3. Make the Switch

Researching is essential to make sure you know what types of energy companies and plans are available to you. Look for a company that is flexible and affordable. At APG&E, we offer a variety of energy options and helpful customer service agents to help you.

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At APG&E, we strive to be a top energy company by providing value to our customers and great customer support. Reach out to us at or 1-877-LIGHT-57. Check out our site to keep up with the latest news and tips with your favorite electricity company.